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[ Outside and near wherever your character is staying, a variety of machina, both whole and taken apart, are strewn across a canvas that Rikku is using as a mat. She's happily tinkering away until she notices your character leave the house or open the window. ]

Oh, morning, sleepyhead! Took you a while to get out. Look at all the stuff I've done! You should go to bed earlier. ...or get a better alarm.

[ An alarm clock in front of her rings. She hits the button on it to stop it and—wait, isn't that clock yours? No, it must be your imagination. Probably. ]


[ For one reason or another, your character and Rikku must absolutely go outside in the middle of a thunderstorm. Before your character can leave their shelter, Rikku frowns and runs after them. ]

Wait, stop! We're going out now?

[ A loud boom of thunder startles Rikku into curling up into a ball. ]


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[ Kobato is at the grocery, running some errands for Kodaka. Living with only your 16-year-old brother is tough, but hey, she loves him. She doesn't have a very good eye for what's good and cheap, but her brother gave her a list of things to get that didn't require those skills.

Of course, the first thing she does is make a beeline for her favorite drink. ]

Kukuku, soon my thirst for virgin blood shall be quenched...


However, she notices another girl in the same aisle. Who could it be? ]

open post

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[ Your character is walking along one of the elevated, less crowded city streets when a teenage girl approaches them with a digital SLR in hand. It looks like she came from that photo booth on the side of the road. ]

Hey! Hey, you! You wanna have your picture taken? It won't take long! There's a fantastic view of Taipei 101 from here. [ She points at the building behind them. ] It'll make a great souvenir.

[ ... Ah, what else can she say to seal the deal? ]

Since you're so good-looking, I'll even give you a discount. 50% off!
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use rng or pick a thing i don't really care

OPTION 2 high school au but you can only use mean girl quotes*
OPTION 3 you are now in an episode of Community and are forced to make a study group so you can pass INSERT SUBJECT HERE
OPTION 4 for some reason by some method you are now stuck together at the hip and now you have to escape from the bad guys oh nooooo
OPTION 5 sports
OPTION 6 djinnpreg**
**actual sex optional????????
OPTION 7 lady gaga/nicki minaj/justin bieber/one direction lyrics only
OPTION 8 suddenly a stampede like the one in the lion king only less intense and mufasa doesn't die

i really don't want to code this
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It was work time yet again for Marchosias, and he just didn't feel like being here, as usual. Day in and day out he would assist Minos with sending each helpless soul to their designated circle. It was boring to Minos, but seeing all the people coming in... well, it made the already hopeless Marc feel even more like there was no chance for any humans anymore.

He leaned back in his seat, he was sitting at one of the many places in the area that looked out over the Court Room if you will. His gaze went upward, staring at the sky as usual, the darkened clouds and the constantly falling bodies left much to be desired.

He could hear the constant, 'ah, treachery.... mm... greed.... perhaps- lust?' coming from Minos a little ways away from him. The king was practiced and precise, but Marchosias could tell Minos was bored with his work as well.]
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[ Phenex is feeling down and expects to stay a little while longer on Earth this time around, so when she is summoned, she makes sure to bring a basket of blood red apples along. Before answering your question or fulfilling your request, she takes an apple, presents it to you and asks this: ]

Let me ask you: supposing that you weren't aware of consequences beforehand, if Satan had told you to eat a fruit from the tree of knowledge, if you were Eve, would you have eaten it?

[ She gives you a small smile before taking a bite of the apple herself. ]

There's no right or wrong, okay? I won't help you until you help me.


[ When you wake up, you'll find yourself in front of a crouching Phenex by your bedside. What, what!? How you got here is unknown. Maybe you got sent to Hell for your sins. Maybe you're on a mission. Maybe you've always lived here... In any case, Phenex speaks in her sweetest voice. ]

Oh my, did I startle you? I wanted to wake you up, but I suppose even small minds like yours need rest. Since you look refreshed enough, do you mind? This is my blanket.

[ She snatches the blanket away without a second thought. So cruel... Just be thankful she had the heart to cover you up. ]
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[ A You are in front of an old Spanish-style house. It looks abandoned and very eerie, even at 11 in the morning. The leaves rustle, the windows creak-- ]

Hoy! [ That's Philippines, flagging you down. ] What are you doing here? Let's go na -- I bought you Chippy before Manang closed up shop. We might miss the match!

[ But then she notices you looking at this house next door. She taps your arm. ] Don't go there. There's a mumu over there.

[ B Philippines is with a crowd of kids surrounding her. It's story time! She's got illustrations and everything, too. ]

Once upon a time, there was a big, big old man called China. He liked to bully everyone much, much smaller than him.

[ NO, STOP... ]

[ C Right after you finish talking to someone, be it on the phone or in person-- ]

Who was that? Your crush? Maybe... your boyfriend? [ Or girlfriend if you're a guy. hehehe ] Is he gwapo? [ She's asking if they're hot. Gossip gossip. ]
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yozora mikazuki
A sullen, sadistic girl who isn't beyond tricking others into doing her bidding. Ridden with social anxieties and trust issues. Tends to get too into character when acting or roleplaying. Loves cats.
sena kashiwazaki
A busty rich girl who is perfect in every way. However, she has a goddess complex and thinks all men are disgusting and/or her servants. Crazy for dating sims.
kobato hasegawa
A loli brocon with a bad case of chuunibyou. Tends to break character, though.
kougyoku ren
A lonely warrior princess with dreams. Cries often. Kind of pathetic most of the time, tbh... Gullible and moody. Can get crazy in battle.
A stoic and introverted former slave girl who wishes to become stronger for her friends. The manliest character in Magi.
nadeko sengoku
A very passive and shy girl who only knows how to be cute. Makes obscure references. Dreams of becoming a mangaka.
Bubbly personification of an island nation. Loves moeshit.
hime "himeko" onizuka
An infamous former delinquent, she now helps Bossun with the Sket Dan, a club that helps people in need. Resident straight man. Kind of dumb, but so's everyone in Sket Dance. The future Great Teacher Onizuka.
misaki yata
Sk8er boi.
saruhiko fushimi
Taylor Swift but creepier.

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